Jesus Christ has finally returned! Praise be! Yet it seems that the modern world is too caught up with their iPhones and their Kardashians to really notice. Until the world comes to their senses, Jesus has decided to bide his time in beautiful Southern California, dedicating each day to one small miracle at a time.


Make your message that much more impactful, by having it delivered by the most reputable and trusted messenger in history.  With over 15,000 happy customers, see what Jesus can do for you!

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Get glimpses into the every day life of a modern Jesus Christ. From celebrating his birthday to unboxing a crown of thorns purchased on Amazon, follow SoCal Christ as he deals with daily trials and tribulations.

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Jesus Christ is nothing without the faith and praise of his followers. Are you lacking faith? Tsk tsk. Well look no further than the true words of these loyal followers.

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